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game online and thousands of free games on our website. Happy Wheels is a famous ragdoll physics-based Flash game, one of our selected Action Games. Play Now, and Have Fun!
Happy Wheels was announced on 2010 - a horror action game but it is also very interesting. In the game, players will have to overcome the harshest challenges to achieve the goal and reach the final destination. If you are not afraid of blood, and want to challenge yourself, then happy wheels is the perfect choice for you
Currently, Happy Wheels is one of the bloodiest games. Although the game is horror, but the unique way of playing, sound effects, perfect graphics make the user easily to be "addicted", those factor makes the game more and more famous.
In the game, players will play role as a careless car racing driver, drive the two-wheeled Segway, they must cross the series of traps, deadly obstacles to reach the final destination. 15 levels of play are 15 different terrains with a myriad of surprises which make the player astonished. In fact, one person who is in the accident with cut off limbs will probably stop and cannot move forward. But in the world of Happy Wheels, the character after being severely injured such as breaking his arm, even if the damaged means of transportation are still able to continue moving a long line until it is decomposed into pieces. This bloody mess is attractive, it makes the players cannot get out. Especially, players need a lot of skill and patience to complete all the levels of the game which are increasingly complex
Instruction for playing
Players only need to touch the virtual keys to move forward, backward, fly or jump through obstacles. Use the Ctrl switch and for other behaviors and press Z to get out of your car.
Flexibility, agility and cleverness are the top three factors that determine your success in this great game.